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2006 Medical Expenses - Yikes

January 11th, 2007 at 10:55 am

Grand total = $4791 for TWO people.

Insurance Premiums = $1920
Out of Pocket Expenses = $2871

Of the out of pocket expenses here are some biggies:
$1212 = DH chiro and accupuncture
$ 94 = DH MRI on spine
$ 114 = DH epidural for bulged disc
$ 111 = Me new glasses
$ 40 = Me ultrasound
$ 42 = DH new lenses
$ 359 = permanent sterilization

The remaining out of pocket expenses were for dental, copays, prescriptions and all over the counter medications.

I did participate in an FSA for $2100 for the year so that will reduce my taxable income. However, I didn't claim any medical mileage. I need to figure that into my plan the next time I am on a FSA plan since it is now $0.20 a mile for 2007 and since the chiropractor is a 30 mile round trip.