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Swimming in Interviews

May 17th, 2007 at 04:31 pm

I'm now at 5.5 months of being unemployed. Up to now I've mostly had phone interviews and they've come in about once every other week. This week and next are a completely different story!

I have one phone interview scheduled for next Monday.

I have one phone interview that is actually a second interview that will either be scheduled for tomorrow or Monday.

I had an in-person interview on Tuesday. They called me back today and want to fly me to another city next week for a second interview.

Lastly, I have another hot job contact that I am pretty sure is going to lead to an interview.

Wow... months of a dry spell and now this.

April 2007 Coupon usage

May 1st, 2007 at 03:42 pm

1.00 frozen veg
1.00 frozen veg
1.00 Lubriderm
1.00 lipstick
1.00 excedrin
0.40 ziploc
0.25 downy
1.50 Advil
1.00 candy
1.50 candy
1.00 toothbrush
1.00 Aleve
1.00 excedrin
1.00 milk
1.00 Aleve
2.00 Benefiber
1.00 cat litter
1.00 coffee
3.49 meat
0.55 shave gel
0.40 yogurt
0.50 mints
1.00 Pepp. Farm cookies
1.00 advil
1.00 gum
0.55 brownies (Free!)
0.55 brownies (Free!)
2.00 Advil
5.00 Soy Joy

Several coupons were used in conjunction with a Free-After-Rebate program so they ended up being money-makers. I think it turned out to be $7.50 in money-makers this month.

I ended up getting four Bird's Eye 1-lb bags of frozen peas for 25-cents each.

The brownies were reduced for quick sale to 50-cents and I had the 55-cent coupon!

I'm not able to use coupons much for food. I don't buy the types of food for which there are coupons.