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May 2007 coupon usage

June 5th, 2007 at 05:33 am

2.95 Free Prego
0.75 candy
3.00 razors
3.00 razors
2.00 razors
2.00 razors
0.35 zest soap
0.75 pledge
1.00 salad dressing
1.00 meat
0.40 mayonnaise
6.00 Anything at Wags.
1.00 Cereal
0.50 sour cream
2.00 razors
0.25 downy
2.00 meat
0.35 bathroom tissue
1.00 glad products
1.00 coffee
1.00 coffee
0.75 egg rolls
1.00 salad

Not a great month compared to previous months.
In addition to the coupons, I used a $10 Kohls gift card that was from a grocery store promotion. I also used $20 in Kmart gift cards that were from a spend $50 get $20 promotion.

I received two coupons for free pet food which I'll use this month.

1 Responses to “May 2007 coupon usage”

  1. katwoman Says:

    Don't you just love coupons? I can't even imagine shopping without them anymore.

    I'm curious, how do you keep track of your rebates?

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