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Resisting the urge to shop CVS this month

April 4th, 2007 at 07:27 am

...so far anyway. I had a great month last month at CVS.

For $25.98 out of pocket (not including taxes or bottle deposit) I purchased the following bundle of goods in combination with coupons and ECBs:

180-ct Advil Liquid Gels
180-ct Advil Liquid Gels
12-pack Mountain Dew
12-pack Mountain Dew
12-pack Mountain Dew
12-pack Pepsi
6.2-oz Toothpaste
60-ct Viactiv chocolate chew vitamins
60-ct Viactiv chocolate chew vitamins
16-oz Infusium shampoo
16-oz Infusium conditioner
250-ml mouthwash

DH is loyal to the Advil liquid gels. We go through one of those 180-ct bottles about once a month. My non-sale price on this item is $13.79 at Target. I usually have a $1.00 coupon for it. So 2*13.79 Ė 1.00 Ė 1.00 = 25.58. For the price of what I normally pay for Advil, I got the remaining items free. Advil does go on sale but Iíve noticed that when the 180-ct size is on sale the liquid gels are excluded.

DH drinks Mountain Dew and Pepsi so weíll go through that. DH is loyal to his toothpaste so Iíll end up using the free toothpaste. I donít normally use the Viactiv vitamins (or any vitamins for that matter) but I am at least trying to remember to eat one of these every day. DH is loyal to his expensive salon shampoo so Iíll be using the shampoo. (Anyone getting the idea that DH is a little too brand loyal?)

Anyway, the CVS deals worked out great for me last month and that was the first time I had ever shopped at CVS. I donít know if Iíll do it again this month. I was all set to go on Monday and had to talk myself out of it. First, CVS is about 15 miles away. Roundtrip, weíre talking about a gallon of gas. However, I had been trying to incorporate it into other trips into that neighboring town.

The deals for the first week of April are not things that I can see myself using. To get the ball rolling, I would have had to purchase a lipstick for $8.99 and some liquid soap for $4.49. I donít ever wear lipstick. The two tubes I have in my drawer are stale now so it wouldnít hurt to get a replacement for special occasions, however, Walgreenís has it Free after Rebate this month for 5.99. And in that case, Iíll get the money back, not have it rolled over to ECBs which have to be used at CVS again. On the other side, I do have coupons for $1.00 on each of the above mentioned items, so it would be a Ďmoney-makingí deal. Additionally, I had a save $5 when you spend $20 that expired yesterday. I still have a save $3 when you spend $15 and I also have $3 in leftover ECBs. I donít know what to do. The deals for the first week of April didnít interest me that much but I see ones for next week that do interest me. I just donít know if I want to commit myself to doing this again. On the one hand itís a hassle to go all the way over there and my house if fairly well stocked with any and every toiletry I could possibly need and it takes time to think about the deals and put them together to best advantage. On the other, it is FUN to do and it is fun to add up the totals as I did above.

1 Responses to “Resisting the urge to shop CVS this month”

  1. homebody Says:

    Advil Migraine works even better! And they are never on sale. I used to be brand loyal to Excedrin and my SIL told me about the "little amber pills". Boy was he right. They work great! We have the regular liquid caps too for less severe headaches or aches and pains (which we are getting more of the older we get).

    My DH just wanted a regular toothpaste after I kept buying whatever was on sale. Do you know how hard it is to find regular toothpaste anymore??

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