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New soup w/ Reduced for Quick Sale Meat

March 23rd, 2007 at 11:07 am

As much as I want winter to end, I can't help longing for it and the wonderful comfort food that goes with it. This year has been a big year for soup.

I tried a new recipe today. When I was at the store yesterday, I noticed smoked sausage on clearance for 99-cents because it was close to the use-by date. No problem for me.

Smoked sausage
Can tomatoes
beef broth
Cayanne pepper
salt & pepper
bay leaf

I had the rest of the ingredients in the pantry. It is mighty tasty. It will go great with the bread from the bread machine.

4 Responses to “New soup w/ Reduced for Quick Sale Meat”

  1. Elly Says:

    Yummy! Looks great!

  2. baking23 Says:

    That's almost exactly what I made for dinner the other day too. Soup is sooo good with sausage isn't it?!

  3. KEALINA Says:

    wow... that's a great deal...i love sausage but the cheapest i've seen it "reduced" to around here recently was $2.50... if we saw it at $1 we would have stocked up and taken it to my moms for one of her BBQ's....

  4. madhaus90 Says:

    Hi - I'm new here and did't expect to be motivated by recipes - looks great! I'm a big fan of "close to sell by date" rates - just made up a vat of stew with $2.80 packs (for 20 oz) beef. Too bad there wasn't a discount on the spiral cut ham for Easter.

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