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Going out of business sale

February 21st, 2007 at 02:27 pm

One of the local discount grocery stores is going out of business. I went there yesterday and made some purchases. In today's paper there was an advertisement that indicated the discounts were even steeper. I returned there today. HBA was 60% off. I now keep a Price Book (thanks to reading saving advice!)of the items that I commonly buy. Thanks to that price book I was able to determine whether or not 60% off was a good deal on various items. Grocery store HBA is usually more expensive than other places, but at 60% off it was a steal! I am sufficiently stocked up on a number of products. Cleaning products were 40% off but according to my price book I could find a better deal elsewhere!

The cards and gift wrap were seriously marked down. I think it came out to 90% off. I stocked up on some wrapping paper for $0.40 a roll and on some gift bags for $0.56. I also bought loads of stickers for the nieces and nephews. They were 11-cents and 22-cents a package. I'll put those in the Easter baskets or in birthday cards. I also bought a decorative candle and candle holder as a Mother's Day gift. Grand total for the candle gift and the tissue paper and the gift bag: $1.39. This is not a little rinky-dink votive candle either. I think the candle and holder were on clearance and then they took another 90% off.

Food items were anywhere from 25-40% off. I bought three bottles of a gourmet brand of salad dressing for my dad's upcoming birthday. I bought three jars of a gourmet brand of jellies/jams for father-in-law's birthday. Both are retired and don't need any junk so I usually get them something consumable.

I'm pleased with my purchases but also sad. I am so sad that this place is going out of business. It had a great selection and decent prices. It had a great produce section. Now I'm left with HyVee or Walmart for groceries... and I don't do Walmart.

1 Responses to “Going out of business sale”

  1. Nic Says:

    I live in small town Utah with a population of 100,000...maybe.
    Yet,Walmart opened 2 Superstores and they're planning a Sam's Club. I'm not sure how they stay in business since like you, there are a LOT of "anywhere- but-Wally's" shoppers.
    I too am saddened when a store goes out of business. Too many lives are affected.

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