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January 2007 coupon usage

January 31st, 2007 at 10:26 am

0.75 – can’t remember what this was for
0.35 – Dole lettuce. On sale for 0.97 - .35 = .62
1.75 – Emerald Nuts. Final price = 1.25
1.00 – Angel Soft TP
2.00 – Cat litter
2.50 – Breathe Right strips (for DH)
2.00 – Advil (for DH)
0.50 – Lysol
1.00 – Cereal. Final price 1.34
0.25 – Cascade. BIG box on Clearance at Target $4.07. Included free Rinse agent.
1.00 – dried fruit 2/$3 at Walgreens. Final price $2.00 for 20 oz.
0.50 – Dawn. Final price 0.50 for a little bottle.
1.00 – Prego. Final price $0.24!!
0.35 – Dole lettuce. Final price $1.32
0.25 – 3 boxes of Puffs
2.00 – Cereal. Final price 1.50 per box
2.00 – Coffee. Final price 3.88 for 12 oz Eight O’Clock coffee
3.00 – Coffee. Final price $3.00 for 24 oz Eight O’Clock coffee
6.00 – Razors. Final Price 4.99 (on sale!) -2.00 = 2.99 per 4-pack
0.50 – Tampons
0.35 – Dole lettuce Final Price $1.32
2.00 – Popcorn. Final Price FREE. On sale for $1.00 each - 1.00 coupon.
1.00 – Lubriderm (for DH)
1.50 – York Peppermint patties

33.55 – TOTAL

I’ve decided to keep a detailed record of all my shopping and coupon usage this year. When it comes to food, I tend to buy a lot of store brand items so I don’t get to use many coupons for that. I also don’t buy too much packaged/prepared food. DH has the problem of being brand loyal to certain toiletry items. That limits me incredibly. I’ve tried to use other products but he absolutely won’t use them. We end up with two toothpastes, two lotions, two shampoos, etc. I use the cheap or free stuff; he uses whatever product he is attached to.

I did not include the Walgreen’s coupons. Walgreen’s has a tendency to be overpriced. I’ll only buy something there if there is a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon and if the resulting price is lower than elsewhere. I do go in for the Free-After-Rebate offers. Those are not included in the above total.

2 Responses to “January 2007 coupon usage”

  1. JanH Says:

    It would be cool to tally up the final prices, also. I bet it will be amazing.

  2. katwoman Says:

    If he's brand loyal you can always scour the manufacturers websites for coupons and free samples for those items. The one great thing about the BIG brands is that they run promos a few times a year where you buy 5 of their products and you get, oh, say a $10 catalina. If you can find coupon brokers you can buy a bunch of the coupons and combine those with the promos for a almost never ending supply of the product!

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